Our Boys

At the moment we have a number of stud males: a light orange Teddy, white Pomernaian, Archie and Teddy's son Ricci, a black and tan Pomeranian. The boys will be available as public stud from winter 2021, if the situation will allow. 


Teddy is 17cm, 1.8 kg ( 3.9 lb.) He is very active and playful. Teddy is light orange with white genetics.He is, also, the best retriever we've ever seen. Teddy would bring the toy to you for as long as you are ready to throw.Teddy is always very protective. He loves to make sure that everyone in his household is safe and sound. Teddy absolutely loves staying at the front door on that little soft mat, protecting everyone from the intruders.  


Ricci is a funny black and tan boy. He looks absolutely like his father, Teddy, but in a different colour. Ricci is 18cm, 1.8 kg. He loves jumping. Figuring out how to get onto the table and give us shivers is his favourite game. Though quite young,  Ricci is a father of amazingly fluffy and beautiful Pomeranian puppies. 





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