Summer Time :)

Summer is almost here and we are ready to tell you what we are doing these days. :) Actually, you can follow us on Instagram  #chelichepomeranians  to see more funny pictures and videos. 


We love to play  games, especially all sort of ball games. We do not play big football, but we are having lots of fun. On this video, we are featuring our graduate, Mali. He has got his new amazing family, but he comes to visit us once in a while. 

This summer we found out that strawberries are, actually, delicious :) Please, remember, it's not good for us to eat them, as they are too sour, but we are naughty and pick strawberries ourselves, while no one can see us. So, we pick....

And we eat strawberries :) 

And we pick and eat raspberries, too :) 


It's still most of a hot summer left. We are wondering now, what else we should eat? 



Teddy (the Boss), Archie and Maya :) 


PS. Please, remember, we lover some fruits and berries, but it does not mean it's going to be good for us if we eat a lot.  :) Some berries do contain acid, which is not good for our stomach, so if you give us one/two strawberries or raspberries once in a while or a piece of apple/pear/peach we will be happy. But don't give us too much. We are not fruit worms, after all ;) 

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