Our Girls

As you, probably, noticed, we breed only Pomeranians. We absolutely love this breed and can tell you stories about our dogs for hours. What impressed us the most in this breed is that Pomeranians are not only very smart and easy to train, as every Pom is ready to do everything possible to please his owner; but also are sweet, cuddles and unbelievably joyful. They are always happy and are ready to spread happiness everywhere around them. They are very loyal and will always be by your side. You may say that every dog is like this. And you will be absolutely right, but once falling in love with Pomeranian smile, you will never be able to forget it. We couldn't. 


Now, please, meet our girls. We are happy to present you our unique black and tan Young Champion of Belarus, Chelsea; extreme toy retriever - Jasmine; super active Stella, very sweet and loving lady Kliaksa, which means 'an ink patch', a colourful little Russian doll - Matrioshka, hiperactive chocolate lightning - Masha and a young and very shy merle pom Lexi.  Like all Pomeranians, they have unique characters, manners and most joyful and happy smiles.


We are located at:


(UK Licenced Breeder



Cambridgeshire, UK

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